Akasha Bloodriver
Kana アカーシャ=ブラッドリバー
Romaji Akāsha Buraddoribā
Manga Rosario + Vampire
Anime Rosario + Vampire
Gender Female
Age 500+
Status Alive
Race Shinso Vampiress
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Green
Technique Martial Arts
Equipment Rosario Cross (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Issa Shuzen (Husband)
Moka Akashiya (Eldest Daughter)
Kokoa Shuzen (Youngest Daughter)
Akua Shuzen (Eldest Daughter)
Kahlua Shuzen (Second Eldest Stepdaughter)
Alucard (Relative)†
Gyokuro Shuzen (Fellow Wife)
Affiliations Shuzen Family
Class Beyond S-Class

Akasha Bloodriver (アカーシャ=ブラッドリバー Akāsha Buraddoribā) is the mother of Moka Akashiya and the stepmother of Kokoa, Akua and Kahlua. She is the Outer Moka through the rosary.


Akasha appears to have a similar personality to her daughter Moka (both Inner and Outer). Akasha is shown to be kind and gentle towards other people and cares greatly for them; even her husband's other lovers, which is similar to how Outer Moka would react.

According to Touhou Fuhai, Akasha's tenderhearted nature could also be a drawback. As he stated in the flashback of Moka's past, Akasha's tenderhearted nature inhibited her battle prowess. Her given name goes before her family name, unlike Akashiya Moka and the rest of the Shuzen family. Although not a biological or blood-related Shuzen member, Akasha does serve a lot of purpose to the storylines in the manga chapters and volumes of Season II. Touhou describes Akasha as a strong, but sad woman who carries a heavy burden. She is also mainly a stepmother to the Shuzen Family.

Appearance Edit

Akasha is said to look remarkably like Outer Moka, as Outer Moka is a reflection of Akasha. Akasha has long straight bright pink hair and green eyes, just like Outer Moka. She usually wears a BDSM outfit during battle, and typically wears a black jacket with frills on it. Akasha also keeps her hair in a ribbon tie. She is noted to be very beautiful. She also has light skin like Outer Moka. Akasha is remarked to be very beautiful; though so is her daughter Moka. She is said to be very cute. Her age is over 500 but she looks very beautiful and looks to be in her mid twenties or early thirties.


Akasha was a small child in 15th century Wallachia. Her kingdom had been destroyed by humans, and only she and her king, Dracula, survived the carnage. Her king would then rename himself Alucard, and work to avenge what became of his homeland and his people.

However due to Akasha still hoping for peace between humans and monsters, Alucard separated from her to fulfill his goal for vengeance to rebuild his lost kingdom; and when they met again, the two became enemies to see which of their goals would triumph.  


Akasha first appears in Rosario + Vampire II Chapter 029. According to Akua, Akasha is currently believed to be residing inside Alucard, which is itself held in the Floating Garden, Fairy Tale's Headquarters. Akua also states that she has possibly merged with Alucard because of the time that has past, this has yet to be proven.

Later on, it is revealed by Gyokuro that when Akasha, Touhou and Tenmei Mikogami were fighting Alucard many years ago, they were unable to defeat him. So Akasha allowed herself to be devoured in order to seal him from the inside. 170 years later, Akasha is rescued by the Shuzen Family; but due to being inside Alucard for all that time, her Yōkai and even her blood had combined with Alucard's. This caused them to become synchronized. She would later pass the Shinso blood into her daughter Moka to save her life, and eventually it was passed into Tsukune by Moka.

During the battle against Fairy Tale in Gyokuro's flashback, Akasha tells Issa that she plans to make a world where humans and monsters can coexist with Issa who agreed with her that when the time comes for that they will all live together in the human world.

Akasha is later revived when Tsukune attaches the Rosario she made to Alucard's chest.  She then binds Alucard and takes control of his main body.  The leader of the Dark Lords then told her former king that their journey had gone on long enough, and that it had to end.  And while they sought different goals (vengeance versus peace) it was for the same reason. To create a utopia where humans and monsters could live peacefully with each other. "And now," she went on, as she gazed at her daughter and Tsukune, "our dream has been passed on to a new generation." She watched as her former king finally relinquished his obsession, and agreed to end their existence together.

Moka called out to her, clearly against at the thought of losing her mother again. At that time, Akua stepped forth, and revealed that Outer Moka was actually Akasha, who'd erased her own memories in order to protect her daughter as a personality.

Equipment Edit

  • Armor: During flashbacks of Akasha around many years ago, she is seen wearing medieval armor designed specifically for her when still fighting against Alucard at that time.
  • Long Sword: She was also seen wielding a medieval thin long sword as well when fighting against Alucard then alongside Touhou Fuhai and Tenmei Mikogami.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

  • Immense Speed: Akasha was able to dodge most of Akua's super speed attacks, in fact the only reason that Akua even managed to land those attacks on Akasha in the first place was because Akasha's power restrictions and the elder vampire never had any real intent on fighting Akua. In the battle against Alucard to rescue Moka, Akasha is capable of dodging Alucard's tentacles and damaging him in the process; however, she did not dodge his last attack due to knowing what she had to do to seal him up again.
  • Immense Agility: As in accordance with her speed Akasha has demonstrated great agility being able to dodge all of Alucard's attacks whilst in mid-air. In fact Akasha was able to swiftly retaliate against Alucard's tentacles with numerous kicks in a second while in mid-air and performed several acrobatic movements during her fight with Akua as well.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: As demonstrated when she was cut by Akua early in their battle, Akasha showed a remarkable regenerative factor. In only a matter of moments, gaping wounds were sealed up, leaving her none the worse for the wear. Even being bisected by Akua failed to keep her down as it took only a few minutes for her to pull herself back together, much to Akua's complete and utter surprise with Akasha remarking that her body is much sturdier than most would believe. As of now, Akasha is the only one seen with this sort of high-speed regeneration ability.
  • Shinso Bloodline: Akasha is well known for being a progenitor of a Shinso bloodline with the other being Alucard himself. This bloodline gives Akasha a legendary power described as a "darkness deeper than night". Due to the 170 years of time she spent sleeping inside Alucard in order to seal him from the inside out, their Shinso blood mixed together and became synchronized. Gyokuro stated that this combination poses a danger level beyond imagination. After fusing with Alucard again for 7 years Akasha gained control over his body being able to wrest control of it when Tsukune provided the catalyst for her resurrection by placing Moka's broken Rosary on Alucard's chest with him referring to her as a bomb inside him.
  • Blood TransfusionAs a vampiress, Akasha can transfer her own blood into another being if she has to by using her fangs. In a brief flashback, Akasha transferred as much of her blood into the baby Moka in order to save her sick daughter's life shortly after her birth.  
  • Wealth of PowerYukari states that all vampires and vampiresses have an ability called "Wealth of Power." Yukari also stated that most vampires and vampiresses have rejected this ability in spite of its tremendous potential due to their innate narcissism and vanity. In Akasha's Shinso form upon her revival, she is able to grow six gigantic bat wings with the lowering pair being larger than the one on top.

Abilities Edit

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Akasha's fighting style is identical to how Inner Moka fights, with a variety of kicks, but the difference in raw power that Akasha is capable of generating is exponentially staggering.

Black Arts Expert: Possibly having learned from fellow Dark Lord Touhou Fuhai or perhaps self-taught, Akasha has some expertise of black arts in particular with seals as she created Moka's Rosario Cross that sealed Moka's Shinso blood and memories. This seal also houses an artificial personality cloned from Akasha herself. In fact when she created the rosario, Akasha also built in a connection between her and the rosario allowing her protect Moka from lethal blows originating from Alucard's body while inside him. When Tsukune pressed the broken Rosario Cross to Alucard's chest Akasha was also able to use that opportunity to revive herself from his flesh as well.

Akasha and Moka

Akasha and young Moka

When Moka was born, she was on the verge of death. To save her, Akasha transfused as much of her blood as possible in order to revive her. An unexpected result was that her Shinso power transferred into Moka, saving her from certain death. Akasha's love for Moka was so powerful that she specially made a Rosario Cross for Moka; to lock away her Shinso blood, and thus prevent Moka from awakening Alucard to give her a chance at a normal life, not involved with Alucard.

As fate would have it, Moka went insane upon seeing her mother cut in half by her sister and awoke her powers; at the same time awakening Alucard from its slumber. To save Moka, Akasha gave her life to activate the seal, placing the fake personality "Outer Moka" which was herself, in place of her daughter, and was subsequently absorbed into Alucard to "seal him from the inside".

Trivia Edit

  • Akasha is the first Shuzen vampire whose first name is not a drink.
  • She is the Outer Moka created through the rosary.
  • Akasha is the stepmother of Akua, Kahlua and Kokoa.
  • She is Issa Shuzen's first marriage.