Akasha Bloodriver
Kana アカーシャ=ブラッドリバー
Romaji Akāsha Buraddoribā
Manga Chapter 29
Anime Did not Appear
Gender Female
Age 500+
Status Deceased
Death Self-Destruction
Race Shinso Vampire
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Green
Technique Martial Arts
Personal Status
Relatives Issa Shuzen (Husband)
Moka Akashiya (Daughter)
Akua Shuzen (Stepdaughter)
Kahlua Shuzen (Stepdaughter)
Kokoa Shuzen (Stepdaughter)
Tsukune Aono (Future Son-In-Law)
Alucard (Relative)†
Affiliations Three Dark Lords (Leader)
Shuzen Family
Class S-Class
Voice Actor None

Akasha Bloodriver (アカーシャ=ブラッドリバー Akāsha Buraddoribā) was the biological mother of Moka Akashiya and the leader of the Three Dark Lords. She was a powerful Shinso Vampire. Akasha had three step-daughters; Kokoa, Kahlua and Akua Shuzen. She also became Outer Moka through the rosary.


  • Typical attire
  • Battle attire
  • Battle warrior
  • Battle Shinso Attire
As said by Tsukune, Akasha looks exactly like Outer Moka with long pink hair tied by a black bow, fair skin, and green eyes. She wears a large Victorian-styled gown that is black, along with heeled platforms.

Under her dress is a battle uniform which consists of a revealing corset, black shorts and garters.

In the flashback where Miyabi (Alucard's clone) discussed the battle that sealed away the original Alucard, Akasha was wearing a suit of armor that was designed around her physique and having a sword as her weapon.

Upon Akasha's revival, she has six bat wings and her new outfit looked similar to a goddess.


Akasha appears to have a similar personality to her daughter Moka (both Inner and Outer). Akasha is shown to be kind and gentle towards other people and cares greatly for them; even her husband's other lovers, which is similar to how Outer Moka would react.

Unlike Outer Moka, she is shown to have confidence in her abilities. She is enraged when her family is threatened and will stop at nothing to ensure they are protected; which is similar to how Inner Moka would react. Akasha is shown to love her daughter greatly, even her step daughters, and willingly sealed herself in Alucard to save Moka.

According to Touhou Fuhai, Akasha's tenderhearted nature could also be a drawback. As he stated in the flashback of Moka's past, despite being the most powerful of the Three Dark Lords, Akasha's tenderhearted nature inhibited her battle prowess. Akasha probably does exist in the reality existence of or concept of the anime, but she does not ever appear, along with Akua and Kahlua. Her given name goes before her family name, unlike Akashiya Moka and the rest of the Shuzen family. Although not a biological or blood-related Shuzen member, Akasha does serve a lot of purpose to the storylines in the manga chapters and volumes of Season II. Touhou describes Akasha as a strong, but sad woman who carries a heavy burden. She is also mainly a stepmother to the Shuzen Family.


Akasha was a small child in 15th century Wallachia. Her kingdom had been destroyed by humans, and only she and her king, Dracula, survived the carnage. Her king would then rename himself Alucard, and work tirelessly to avenge what became of his homeland and his people.

However due to Akasha still hoping for peace between humans and monsters, Alucard separated from her to fulfill his goal for vengeance to rebuild his lost kingdom; and when they met again, the two became enemies to see which of their goals would triumph.  


Akasha first appears in Rosario + Vampire II Chapter 029. In Chapter 31, it is revealed that she is the leader of the Three Great Dark Lords, and the Shinso - the vampire that defeated the eldest vampire, Alucard. Fittingly, she is incredibly powerful and a very capable combatant once she puts her mind to it. Otherwise, she is very gentle and serene, caring very much for her daughters - both her actual daughter and her step-daughters.

According to Akua, Akasha is currently believed to be residing inside Alucard, which is itself held in the Floating Garden, Fairy Tale's Headquarters. Akua also states that she has possibly merged with Alucard because of the time that has past, this has yet to be proven.

Later on, it is revealed by Gyokuro that when Akasha, Touhou and Tenmei Mikogami were fighting Alucard over 200 years ago, they were unable to defeat him. So Akasha allowed herself to be devoured in order to seal him from the inside. 170 years later, Akasha is rescued by the Shuzen Family; but due to being inside Alucard for all that time, her Yōkai and even her blood had combined with Alucard's. This caused them to become synchronized. She would later pass the Shinso blood into her daughter Moka to save her life, and eventually it was passed into Tsukune by Moka.

During the battle against Fairy Tale in Gyokuro's flashback, Akasha tells Issa that she plans to make a world where humans and monsters can coexist with Issa who agreed with her that when the time comes for that they will all live together in the human world.

Akasha is later revived when Tsukune attaches the Rosario she made to Alucard's chest.  She then binds Alucard and takes control of his main body.  The leader of the Dark Lords then told her former king that their journey had gone on long enough, and that it had to end.  And while they sought different goals (vengeance versus peace) it was for the same reason. To create a utopia where humans and monsters could live peacefully with each other. "And now," she went on, as she gazed at her daughter and Tsukune, "our dream has been passed on to a new generation." She watched as her former king finally relinquished his obsession, and agreed to end their existence together.

At that moment, her old comrades, Mikogami and Fuhai Touhou came to her side, and offered to help the two Shinsos onto their new journey.  As they began to enact the self-destruct spell, Moka called out to her, clearly aghast at the thought of losing her mother again. At that time, Akua stepped forth, and revealed that Outer Moka was actually a clone of Akasha, who'd erased her own memories in order to protect her daughter as a personality.

When Tsukune called out to her, Akasha immediately turned away, admitting to him that Outer Moka's memories came back to her along with the Rosario. As she trembled, she confessed that it was because of those memories that she was able to go forth on her new journey, because she knew how important she was to Tsukune and everyone else. "Thank you Tsukune," she said with tears in her eyes as she glanced at him for the last time, "I'm so glad I met you." With that, the self-destruction spell was enacted and she, her comrades, and her king vanished from the world.

Equipment Edit

  • Armor: During flashbacks of Akasha around 200 years ago, she is seen wearing medieval armor designed specifically for her when still fighting against Alucard at that time.
  • Long Sword: She was also seen wielding a medieval thin long sword as well when fighting against Alucard then alongside Touhou Fuhai and Tenmei Mikogami.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

Vampirism: As one of the two ancient Shinso vampires Akasha is one of the most powerful vampires in the world, something accountable for being one of oldest characters in the series as well with Alucard being the other. It was stated by Touhou Fuhai that she is still a formidable fighter and vampire even when most of her powers are restricted due to being linked to Alucard as Akua, one of the strongest S-Class vampires, was able to bring Akasha down only when she was distracted by Moka and even then it was superficial at best.

  • Immense Speed: Akasha was able to dodge most of Akua's super speed attacks, in fact the only reason that Akua even managed to land those attacks on Akasha in the first place was because Akasha's power restrictions and the elder vampire never had any real intent on fighting Akua. In the battle against Alucard to rescue Moka, Akasha is capable of dodging Alucard's tentacles and damaging him in the process; however, she did not dodge his last attack due to knowing what she had to do to seal him up again, from the inside like she did 200 years before.
  • Immense Agility: As in accordance with her speed Akasha has demonstrated great agility being able to dodge all of Alucard's attacks whilst in mid-air. In fact Akasha was able to swiftly retaliate against Alucard's tentacles with numerous kicks in a second while in mid-air and performed several acrobatic movements during her fight with Akua as well.
  • Immense Strength: Due to her advanced age and status as a Shinso blood carrier, her ability to convert her blood's power into strength is many times more powerful than anything we've seen Inner Moka do, or anyone else for that matter. It is due to this strength and high regeneration ability that she was named the 'leader' of the Dark Lords. It is unknown what Akasha's true strength is since both Tsukune's and Moka's gaining a considerable amount of power while in there Shinso forms, while no one has seen Akasha's Shinso form. During her fight with Alucard to rescue Moka, she was able to thoroughly destroy the elder Shinso's tentacles and body with simple kicks that left them unable to regenerate, a feat that completely astonished Akua, and was something that neither Tsukune nor Moka as newly transitioned Shinso Vampires and utilizing the Creation ability as well were able to do. Though it should be noted that at that time that Akasha fought Alucard, he had only just reawakened along lacking his other half that he replicated before his sealing (e.g. Miyabi Fujisaki) and thus didn't have his full powers while Tsukune and Moka fought him while he had recovered all of his powers.
  • Immense Durability: Akasha has incredible durability where she was able to withstand many of Akua's overwhelming attacks that shattered apart the corridor they were fighting in without showing any discomfort. Later on during her fight with Alucard, Akasha only displayed small grimacing when she willingly allowed the gigantic vampire to stab her with multiple tentacles in order to reach Moka. Even when the monstrous vampire began to consume her by creating more constriction on his tentacles, Akasha showed no outward change other than sadness at having to leave Moka. Her regeneration and immortality may influence this factor.
  • Immense Stamina: Akasha is very resilient in battle where she took many of Akua's attacks and showed no strain in her performance at all. Even when Akua bisected her, Akasha only displayed a small amount of discomfort upon recovering and proceeded to slash apart the tentacles of Alucard binding Akua before her recovery was even complete and began fighting against Alucard while showing no strain at all. Her regeneration and immortality may influence this factor.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: As demonstrated when she was cut by Akua early in their battle, Akasha showed a remarkable regenerative factor. In only a matter of moments, gaping wounds were sealed up, leaving her none the worse for the wear. Even being bisected by Akua failed to keep her down as it took only a few minutes for her to pull herself back together, much to Akua's complete and utter surprise with Akasha remarking that her body is much sturdier than most would believe. As of now, Akasha is the only one seen with this sort of high-speed regeneration ability.
  • Shinso Bloodline: Akasha is well known for being a progenitor of a Shinso bloodline with the other being Alucard himself. This bloodline gives Akasha a legendary power described as a "darkness deeper than night". Due to the 170 years of time she spent sleeping inside Alucard in order to seal him from the inside out, their Shinso blood mixed together and became synchronized. Gyokuro stated that this combination poses a danger level beyond imagination. After fusing with Alucard again for 7 years Akasha gained control over his body being able to wrest control of it when Tsukune provided the catalyst for her resurrection by placing Moka's broken Rosary on Alucard's chest with him referring to her as a bomb inside him.
  • Blood TransfusionAs a vampire, Akasha can transfer her own blood into another being if she has to by using her fangs. In a brief flashback, Akasha transferred as much of her blood into the baby Moka in order to save her sick daughter's life shortly after her birth.  
  • Wealth of PowerYukari states that all vampires have an ability called "Wealth of Power." Yukari also stated that most vampires have rejected this ability in spite of its tremendous potential due to their innate narcissism and vanity. In Akasha's Shinso form upon her revival, she is able to grow six gigantic bat wings with the lowering pair being larger than the one on top.

Abilities Edit

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Akasha's fighting style is identical to how Inner Moka fights, with a variety of kicks, but the difference in raw power that Akasha is capable of generating is exponentially staggering. Touhou Fuhai remarked that Akasha's fighting prowess is so high that when she's serious almost nothing can kill her at all which accounts for her title, Nosferatu, and even young Moka believed that Akasha was invincible in battle.

Swordswoman: As Akasha was seen wielding a sword in her fight with Alucard 200 years ago during a flashback it's presumed that she possesses some level of skills with a sword though as she is not seen directly fighting with it, it's unknown exactly how high her swordsmanship is.

Black Arts Expert: Possibly having learned from fellow Dark Lord Touhou Fuhai or perhaps self-taught, Akasha has some expertise of black arts in particular with seals as she created Moka's Rosario Cross that sealed Moka's Shinso blood and memories. This seal also houses an artificial personality cloned from Akasha herself. In fact when she created the rosario, Akasha also built in a connection between her and the rosario allowing her protect Moka from lethal blows originating from Alucard's body while inside him. When Tsukune pressed the broken Rosario Cross to Alucard's chest Akasha was also able to use that opportunity to revive herself from his flesh as well.

Motherly LoveEdit

Akasha and Moka

Akasha and young Moka

When Moka was born, she was on the verge of death. To save her, Akasha transfused as much of her blood as possible in order to revive her. An unexpected result was that her Shinso power transferred into Moka, saving her from certain death. Akasha's love for Moka was so powerful that she specially made a Rosario Cross for Moka; to lock away her Shinso blood, and thus prevent Moka from awakening Alucard to give her a chance at a normal life, not involved with Alucard.

As fate would have it, Moka went berserk upon seeing her mother cut in half by her sister and her rage awoke her powers; at the same time awakening Alucard from its slumber. To save Moka, Akasha gave her life to activate the seal, placing the fake personality "Outer Moka" which was a clone of herself, in place of her daughter, and was subsequently absorbed into Alucard to "seal him from the inside".

Upon her revival for one last final time, Akasha would leave Moka behind to live her own life in her true form, and set off on a new journey without any regrets thus entrusting Moka to Tsukune's care.


  • (To Inner Moka) The "Fake Personality" that is born from the Rosary, that new personality, will take your place while you're asleep and protect both the seal and your body.   
  • (To Moka) You too will meet your destined person one day... and when that time comes, I pray that you find your happiness...
  • (To Alucard) It's no different than that day... we've lost everything and we're setting off together once again... that's all.
  • (To Akua) I'm going to erase my memories, and and protect Moka as just a personality. So.. when the time comes, I want you to destroy the clone and set Moka free.
  • (To Tsukune) I'm able to set off without any regret... because I know... I know how important I am to you and everyone else... because I know how much... you loved me.


  • Akasha is the only Shuzen Family member without a drink-based name, unless you count the fact that blood is a beverage to vampires as "Bloodriver" meaning "blood river" as "river of blood".
  • She is literally the only Shuzen Family member with a surname being drink-based or beverage-related rather than a given name or first given name being beverage-based.
  • Akasha's name sort of resembles that of Moka's name, Akashiya, also resembling the word ayakashi, but this might be because it is a pun on her vampire lineage like Moka's surname "Akashiya" is an anagram of "ayakashi". In fact, Inner Moka was mistakenly calling herself "Moka Akasha" in the first Manga book of Season II, due to a misprint by the English translation company.
  • Unlike the rest of the Shuzen Family, Akasha is the only one of the family to not have her complete name spelled in kanji, a reverted sense of Japanese writing from Chinese writing of characters, while Akasha's name is written in katakana.
  • Akasha was technically not an Akashiya or a Shuzen, but definitely not a Shuzen, not being blood related to any of Moka's half sisters, but she was somewhat an Akashiya, although her name was Bloodriver.
  • Akasha's name "Bloodriver" means "river of blood" in English since she is a vampire, specifically a Shinso Vampire.
  • Tohou Fuhai mentions that Akasha was so powerful, she was titled "Nosferatu" (a name that means "living corpse", a reference to her regeneration ability). There was absolutely nothing that could kill her when she fought seriously, as shown when she defeated and sealed Alucard 200 years ago.
  • Akasha's name and title are references to two famous fictional vampires. Akasha being the queen of vampires in Ann Rice's "Queen of the Damned" and Nosferatu being a German remake of Dracula in a silent film.
  • Akasha also shares the same catch phrase "know your place" with Inner Moka, this is said while she is fighting Alucard to protect Inner Moka.
  • Both Moka and Tsukune have inherited her Shinso blood.
  • Akua's statement that Akasha has possibly merged with Alucard may have been an attempt to make Moka awaken as a Shinso without having to use the barrier to destory the seal.
  • It is revealed by Gyokuro that Akasha has Alucard's blood inside her.
  • Ironically, the sealing method Akasha used 7 years ago to seal Alucard was the same one she used to seal Alucard 200 years ago. Akasha was later rescued by the Shuzen family 170 years after she sealed Alucard, this means that Akasha can be rescued from within Alucard.
  • Tohou Fuhai mentioned that the rosary wasn't linked to Alucard, but to Akasha herself. By doing this, Akasha could keep a loving, protective watch on Moka regardless of the distance between them. As such when Gyokuro Shuzen tried to kill Moka after mutating while fused with Alucard, the link to Akasha halted the attack. Tohou Fuhai also theorized that Akasha may have lost her senses after fusing with Alucard, but she still protects Moka in spite of this. 
  • Akasha was revealed to have blanked her memory to protect Moka as her sealed personality "Outer Moka". As she spoke to Tsukune, she revealed that "Outer Moka's" memories returned to her and she knew how wonderful and a loving young man Tsukune was and knew she left her daughter in good hands. With this, Akasha entrusts her daughter to Tsukune since he is Moka's "Destined Person".
    • It may be hinted that while being Outer Moka, Akasha may have wanted to search for the "Destined Man" to be with Inner Moka, thus meeting and choosing Tsukune on their first day of school. 
  • In the manga it was stated that Akasha was Issa's mistress. However, in the English manga it's revealed that she is his first wife.

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