A Class is the ranking just under S Class. While not the strongest, A Class is still nothing to laugh at. Many have highly specialized skills and is also largely based on the individual's skill rather than species. Because it isn't as exclusive as S Class, there are a wider variety of individuals that belong in this category.

There may be races that are automatically included in this ranking. Species like the Yōko, Siren, Raijuu, Succubus, and Yuki-Onna have the distinct possibility but nothing has been announced or confirmed inside the Rosario Universe.

In addition to being these second strongest class, A-Class has a variety of abilities that range from magic (Witches), summoning (Yasha), fire (Yōko), lightning (Raijuu), ice (Yuki-Onna), mind magic (Succubus), sound, (Siren), and/or brute strength and size (Cyclops, Frankenstein). Some have more than one skill such as Yukari who can use magic and summon.

Many individuals have multiple traits to boost their class to the vaunted S-Class like Raika (a Raijuu) who has lighting, speed, and strength. Or like Kuyō (Yōko) who has worked and trained to gain his S-Class status using fire, speed, strength, and multiple transformations.

They, like their stronger S-Class counterparts, may have additional transformations. This may be like the Yōko's ability to have a separate battle form something that hasn't been revealed yet.

Known A-Class IndividualsEdit








  • Unknown Student


  • Unknown Student


A-Class IndividualsEdit

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